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Enter to Learn. Leave to Serve.

Saint Anthony School has guided students in their development as faith-filled Catholics and responsible citizens since 1865. Located in Winsted, Connecticut, Saint Anthony School provides students with the religious, social, and intellectual skills needed for success.
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Dedicated, Caring & Effective

Our dedicated classroom teachers are well versed in the tried and true methods of creating strong readers. The teachers focus on decoding skills and phonetic exercises through the third grade. They also emphasize close reading of literary text to build comprehension and content knowledge.
Students are guided through a story’s narrative structure, characters relationships, and the author’s literary technique, expanding students’ vocabulary and background knowledge.

A Quality Education Grounded in Strong Moral Values

  • Faith: A Roman Catholic school is a community of faith and learning.
  • Focus: Individual attention with discipline and order helps students feel safe and allows them to focus on what matters.
  • Achievement: At Saint Anthony School, we take tests seriously and have good results, but tests are only one measure of success. Iowa Tests of Basic Skills are administered to students in grades 3-7 each Spring. These results have revealed growth in student learning.
  • Values: Saint Anthony School will do everything we can, in partnership with you, to raise your children the right way. A partnership between faculty members and parents is key in ensuring a strong education for students.
  • Community: Sharing experiences with others is the best way to learn how to treat others how you would like to be treated. At Saint Anthony School, service and compassion hold the school community together. As our students enter to learn in our school community, they leave to serve their own communities, the Kingdom of God.